May 29, 2024

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Watch trailer for new film about Milford Graves: Video


A new documentary examining the life and music of drummer and percussionist Milford Graves will have its world premiere at this year’s International Film Festival Rotterdam in the Netherlands, which runs from January 24 to February 4.

The movie, titled Milford Graves Full Mantis, is directed by Jake Meginsky and Neil Young. It is described as a portrait of the renowned jazz musician, “exploring his kaleidoscopic creative process and relentless curiosity.” Watch the trailer of Milford Graves Full Mantis below:

Milford Graves Full Mantis features never before seen material from Milford’s archive, performance footage spanning five decades, and unreleased electronic music by Graves, combined with an exclusive and unprecedented look into the brilliant mind of a living master. Co-director Meginsky began filming Graves and digitizing his personal archive in 2004. The documentary emerged out of their fourteen-year relationship. When co-director Young joined the project in 2015, the film had kicked into high gear.

Graves has performed internationally since 1964, both as a soloist and with such artists as Albert Ayler and Sonny Sharrock. His is regarded a founding pioneer of avant-garde jazz and remains one of the most influential figures in the evolution of the form.

Watch trailer for new film about Milford Graves

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