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Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas Sound Prints – Scandal 2018: Video

Scandal marks the first time that trumpeter Dave Douglas and saxophonist Joe Lovano have recorded a full studio album of material together, revealing a passionately adventurous band for whom no territory is off-limits.

As on their live debut recording, Sound Prints features pianist Lawrence Fields, bassist Linda May Han Oh, and drummer Joey Baron. The super group heads off into swinging, heartfelt and sophisticated new territory inspired by saxophonist giant Wayne Shorter. Two of Shorter’s pieces receive special treatment. A truly fantastic and original group playing new originals and music by Shorter.

  1. Dream State (Douglas) 05:34
  2. Full Sun (Lovano)
  3. Fee Fi Fo Fum (Shorter, arr. Douglas)
  4. Ups and Downs (Douglas)
  5. The Corner Tavern (Lovano)
  6. Scandal (Douglas)
  7. Juju (Shorter, arr. Lovano)
  8. Mission Creep (Douglas)
  9. Full Moon (Lovano)
  10. High Noon (Lovano)
  11. Libra (Douglas)
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Joe Lovano, tenor and G mezzo soprano saxophones
Dave Douglas, trumpet
Lawrence Fields, piano
Linda May Han Oh, bass
Joey Baron, drums

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