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Eyal Talmudi – One of Israel’s busiest reed players and band leaders in the world/jazz/indie scene: Video

26.04. – Happy Birthday !!! One of Israel’s busiest reed players and band leaders in the world/jazz/indie scene, Eyal Talmudi has been touring with Balkan Beat Box, Kutiman Orchestra and Oy Division for the past decade and working with other projects including Malox and Time Groove.

Influenced by music including folk, punk and jazz, Talmudi brings his creativity and groove to everything he plays. Talmudi’s adventurous Chant Records debut features Sefi Zisling on trumpet, Uzi Feinerman on guitar, Gilad Abro on bass and Aviv Cohen on drums.

Eyal Talmudi born in Israel 1979 , plays Saxophone and Clarinet since the age of 8 . Classical and Jazz training along alternative , experimental and rock scene has made Talmudi into a multi genre musician leading world wide career with many different bands and ensembles . From the famous Balkan Beat Box raves to Oy Division Jewish folklore party , He will also blow on punk style duet Malox and drop a funky solo with the Kutiman Orchestra in a sweaty Tel Aviv club . For Talmudi , another day on the job in a musical journey around the globe . As a studio musician , Talmudi has recorded along the years with many Israeli top artists such as Shlomi Shaban , Rona Keinan , Rami Fortis , Berry Sacharoff and so on. Another side of Talmudi’s musical career is as a musical producer , “Coal Sachets” re-make , in honor of Meir Ariel , the late famous singer-song-writer ,was released on 2010 including a long list of Israel’s leading singers each preforming one song of the album.

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