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Guillaume de Chassy & Christophe Marguet feat. Andy Sheppard – Letters to Marlene 2018: Video

We owe it to William Shakespeare to have us together. It was in November 2013: inspired by the plays of the famous English playwright, we had conceived together a course mixing texts and music. Our trio found here the ferments of his poetic universe. Through the concerts, we found a sound identity and a way of dialogue that belonged to us, a balance between improvisation and writing where everyone proposes and listens simultaneously.

After 3 years of existence and a record, our Shakespeare Songs were now well-honed. It was during a tour of the trio in Ireland, that Andy posed openly the question: “What comes next, guys? “. We were in March 2016, at a time when the disastrous resurgences of nationalism and populism were spreading across Europe and the United States. We were looking for a way to share our concerns and affirm our values ​​with the best weapon we had: music. Andy suggested that Marlene Dietrich would be a particularly inspiring muse for our next creation. Actress and legendary singer, icon of the 20th century, she was also a free woman with an iron will and courageous convictions, a citizen of the world committed body and soul – against Nazism, for peace, Europe and feminism . We decided to send him these musical letters: letters of admiration and gratitude in tribute to his exceptional career as an artist and a woman who brought hope; musics to interrogate otherwise two troubled times: the years 1930-1940 and our years 2010-2020.

  1. Lili Marleen
  2. Letter to Marlene
  3. America
  4. Et in Terra Pax Homnibus Bonae Voluntatis
  5. The Dress
  6. Les Ardennes
  7. Seule
  8. A Dinner at Marlene’s Place
  9. Ein Koffer in Berlin
  10. Falling in Love Again
  11. Last Dance

Guillaume de Chassy – piano
Christophe Marguet – batterie
Andy Sheppard – saxophones

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