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Freddy Cole – My Mood Is You 2018: Free download and Video

Time has been kind to Freddy Cole, who on ‘My Mood is You’ is singing with the vitality and zest of a man half his age. His seasoned voice is as affecting as ever, his understanding of a song’s expressive anatomy never more incisive. His unimpeachable artistry, rather than longevity, is what positions him as today’s vocal jazz master.

Very few artists stay at the top of their game for their entire career. However, Freddy Cole’s velvet unhurried singing style remains every bit as cool and hip as it was when his first record was released in 1964.

Pianist John di Martino, bassist Elias Bailey, guitarist Randy Napoleon and drummer Quentin Baxter, are trusted associates of Cole who respond to his inimitable sense of swing with now intuitive assurance. Guest saxophonist Joel Frahm displays a sympathetic style that puts him in league with such earlier illustrious Cole saxophone allies as Houston Person and David “Fathead” Newman.

  1. My Mood Is You 05:45
  2. Temptation 04:53
  3. Almost in Love 05:37
  4. I’ll Always Leave the Door a Little Open 05:43
  5. First Began 06:19
  6. They Didn’t Believe Me 04:32
  7. My Heart Tells Me 06:30
  8. The Lonely One 05:10
  9. Love Like This Can’t Last 04:15
  10. Marie 03:18

Freddy Cole (vocals),
John di Martino (piano),
Joel Frahm (soprano & tenor saxophones),
Randy Napoleon (guitar),
Elias Bailey (bass),
Quentin Baxter (drums).

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