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Jesse Boyd is known for his great sound, intonation and musical versatility: Video

20.05. – Happy Birthday !!! As one of the most sought after bass player in New Orleans, Jesse Boyd is known for his great sound, intonation and musical versatility.

His incredible skills for improvisation had their roots in Church, where his father was a minister. At the age of 12 years, Jesse recorded his first album with his family. The same year he also recorded several other gospel albums. At age 18, he moved to Los Angeles, where he discovered the possibilities of rock and played with many touring bands.

Back in New Orleans, he went back to a more acoustic sound and started to play upright bass again. Not only did he return to play Jazz, but also classical music. During his time as an undergraduate in Loyola University New Orleans he studied with Betsy Heston. He was also an assistant teacher of musical theory. He studied with Bill Huntington and Ellis Marsalis at University of New Orleans, where he obtained a Master degree in Jazz Studies.

Currently he is a professor at Loyola University New Orleans, both in the Jazz and Music Industry departments. He performs regularly with Charmaine Neville, Ingrid Lucia, Leah Chase, Bob French, Michael Pellera, Al Belletto, Topsy Chapman, and Larry Sieberth to name just a few. He also spent several years performing as a member of Jeremy Davenport’s band.

Recent studio projects include two recordings with Ingrid Lucia. The first was only Ingrid and John Fohl (Dr. John’s guitarist) and Jesse on bass. The latter was a live recording with Ingrid’s full band. Another forthcoming CD is with pianist Michael Pellera and a brilliant young drummer named Joe Dyson.

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