May 18, 2024

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Denis Gaebel – The Good Spirits 2018: Free download & Video

Inspiration becomes an idea, and when combined with great passion, extraordinary talent and, of course, a little bit of luck, it guides the artist to a musical way of living that becomes self-fulfillment- and this in turn becomes an inspiration for others.

Thats how it is with the saxophonist and composer Denis Gabel. He had his jazz epiphany as an 11-year-old while watching TV. The German channel ZDF was broadcasting Art Blakeys 80th birthday concert: The energy, the sound, and the enthusiasm of the musicians really grabbed me. Of course, I didnt have any idea what I was listening to at the time, but I was immediately captivated by that unbelievable spirit, said Denis Gabel. He was so inspired, that he set out on his journey, going down a path which was lined with success from the very beginning. This album, recorded with Kevin Hays, Scott Colley, and Clarence Penn at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, caps off yet another one of Denis Gabels ambitious ideas: Id been thinking about heading out to record an album in New York, which for me is the most inspirational jazz source, ever since I did part of my studies there in 2006 I really wanted to capture that special sound and the energy of the local scene.

  1. The Good Spirits 06:35
  2. Core 06:43
  3. Wistfully Waltz 05:55
  4. Insomnia 03:09
  5. Urge 04:56
  6. Heavy 09:14
  7. Slow 04:20
  8. Scoop 06:24
  9. Glow 06:16
  10. East Coasting 06:38
  11. Shimmy 05:36
  12. Everyone Leaves 05:55

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