May 24, 2024

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Oytun Ersan is among the Featured Artists of Fodera guitars: Photos, New video 2018

22.06. – Happy Birthday !!! Oytun Ersan is a Turkish Cypriot electric bass and upright bass player, composer and bass teacher. Born to Ertan and Meral Ersan in June 1978, Oytun is the younger of two Ersan brothers, the older being the famous jazz fusion artist Okan Ersan. Oytun Ersan, whose father was also a bass player, started to play the piano and saxophone at an early age.

Always being attracted to the bass guitar, Oytun decided to start a new journey which would change his whole life. He put aside his saxophone and grab a bass guitar. From the very first day, he could not think of anything else but his instrument and music. In a short time, he was on stage; not with his saxophone this time, but with his bass. At the early age of 15, Oytun joined the International Nicosia Municipality Orchestra as a bass player where he is still working for the last 20+ years. In 2002, Oytun has successfully completed BA in Music undergraduate degree program at the Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus. In addition, he received one-on-one training with Joe Hubbard whose contribution to the development of Oytun’s music performance and vision is invaluable. His passion for music also lead Oytun to attended an Instrumental Conducting Course Masterclass run by the world famous conductor Prof. Peter Start from the Royal College of Music in July 2014.

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