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Nuno Costa also has a “Film / Concerto” project and in partnership with the pianist Óscar Graça: Video

06.09. – Happy Birthday !!! Nuno Costa, born in 1980, began playing guitar at the age of 15. In 1998, he pursued his musical studies at the Academy of Music Amateurs.

Later, she entered the school of the Hot Clube de Portugal, and in 2002 she received a scholarship to finish her studies. In 2003, again as a grant holder, he continued his training at the Berklee College of Music, having finished his Film Scoring course in 2005.

In 2009, he recorded his first album, “(…) – Reticences between parentheses” for the publisher Tone of a Pitch. “With his debut on record, Nuno Costa affirms himself as an interesting guitarist and, above all, as one of the great composers of our jazz.” The disc shows a strong component visual, avoiding pre-defined formulas and structures. Closely linked to the cinematographic universe and with a repertoire exclusively constituted by originals. “This album reveals an original and ambitious project … A cohesive work, extremely coherent and frankly appealing.” In 2012, he releases the album “All Must Go” for the same label. “Detox” was released in 2015 and widely mentioned in the specialized press. “Detox” was released in 2015 and is widely mentioned in the specialized press. International. According to Mário Laginha “It gives pleasure to hear and it is never predictable. I do not feel that I need to order more than one album. “He also participates in the albums of Gonçalo Prazeres, the Hot Clube de Portugal Orchestra, Loft, Luís Cunha, Pedro Nobre, among others. “À Deriva” is his 4th album as leader and the first of his latest project Saga Cega. A project that for the first time in his career moves away from the realms of jazz and that counts on a recognized list of the national artistic scene.

In addition to the trio NoA with which he has performed regularly in recent years, Nuno Costa also has a “Film / Concerto” project and in partnership with the pianist Óscar Graça he composes a new soundtrack for some of the most emblematic silent films of Cinema’s history. This project has assiduous participation in several national film festivals, highlighting the Cycle Invicta.Música.Filmes at Casa da Música, Fike, Faial Filmes Fest, Encontros de Viana, among many others. Parallel to this project, he works regularly with directors, composing music for the most diverse formats.

Currently, he belongs to the faculty of the Luis Villas-Boas Jazz School (Hot Clube de Portugal), Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa and is a PhD student in Performative Arts and Image in Motion at the University of Lisbon.

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