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Nobody But Me by Michael Bublé: Video

09.09. – Happy Birthday !!! “The world is a scary place. People need a tent in the rain. I’m here to take you away for a few hours, entertain you, allow you to escape, to know there can be hope and that romance is still alive and well.” – Michael Buble’

This Fall Michael Buble’ will be releasing his 7th studio album “Nobody But Me” on Warner Bros./Reprise Records which follows up his No. 1 To Be Loved album released three years ago. The multi Grammy Award winning multi-platinum artist’s new album is co-produced by Buble’ – a first for the Canadian. The music includes breathtaking reinventions of classics including “My Baby Just Cares For Me”, “The Very Thought of You”, Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows” and the Johnny Mercer classic “I Wanna Be Around.” Guest artists include Meghan Trainor and Black Thought (of the Roots).

“Following my two-year journey on the To Be Loved Tour and some quality family time, I really looked forward to getting back into the studio. There are still plenty of standards that I longed to record and I wanted to challenge myself this time out – to get out of my comfort zone. I wrote with new collaborators and got deep into the trenches with my band. I co-produced for the first time and I decided to surround myself with my band – the guys who have shared the stage with me for years – my musical best friends. I was inspired by the film “Straight Outta Compton” where a bunch of pals get in a room and create music. I so appreciated the concept and loved that collaborative environment. They understood better than anyone exactly how I wanted the new album to sound and that it needed to be better than anything else I’d ever done. And I think we accomplished that.

“One thing I didn’t want to do was rest on my laurels. It’s easy to be complacent and dial it in after being blessed with such a successful career but that’s not me. I can’t do anything half way. I felt a real sense of urgency to create a collection of songs that were especially meaningful to me and have each one be powerful enough to stand on its own. But I also wanted people to appreciate listening to the album in its entirety – the way we all used to listen to music. My goal is to take people who love great songs on not only a sentimental journey but tell a beautiful story. I also love writing new songs – and the thrill of marrying my passion for breathing fresh air into standards from all different decades with the joys of writing some great pop tunes is still paradise for me.

Buble’ standards such as the happy-go-lucky Leslie Bricusse tune “My Kind Of Girl” with updated lyrics by Buble’, the Dean Martin inspired performance of “On An Evening in Roma and the swingin’“My Baby Just Cares For Me” blend perfectly with the Buble’ penned “I Believe In You”, “Today Is Yesterday’s Tomorrow” and the title song and single “Nobody But Me”. Another standout on the album is the song “Someday” with Meghan Trainor (written by Harry Styles and Trainor) where the vocal blending of Buble’ and Trainor’s voices magically harmonize together. One of Buble’s favorite cuts is the Brian Wilson “God Only Knows” which is Buble’ vocally undressed and totally unembellished by production which creates an intimacy with the listener that is both haunting and heartbreaking. The ever-romantic Buble’ also includes the magnificent “This Love of Mine” which was co-written by The Chairman himself.

Buble’ on some of the tracks: “Our motto was ‘whatever’s best for the song.’ We all put our egos aside. If someone could bring the song to another level and make it better, we went for it. For example, I worked with Alan Chang and Jason Goldman on “I Believe In You” and “Nobody But Me”. Then I brought the songs to Johan Carlsson who works with Max Martin and asked him if he could make them better… And he did. He took the songs over the top.

“I love writing pop tunes but my heart belongs to jazz and the standards and that’s what I’d listen to if I was alone with one record on a desert island. It’s why I included “Evening in Roma” and one of my grandma’s favorite “The Very Thought of You”. Sadly, we lost her last year to Alzheimer’s and when I recorded it right from the studio floor (no pro-tools). I just closed my eyes and thought of her… That one came straight from the heart.

“There certainly were lots of conversations about having a rap on Nobody But Me but I loved what Tariq brought to the song and again, that was the goal. It worked for the song. My fans are open minded enough to embrace it.

“I think God Only Knows is one of the greatest songs ever written. When I was in the studio for that one, I turned off all the lights, basically stopped anything external going on put a photo of my wife and kids on the piano and told the story of that song from my perspective.

“I loved working with Meghan Trainor. She’s phenomenal to watch in the studio, thrilling to work with and really such a big talent. And I know Harry Styles when he first started in One Direction when we were on the same TV show and liked him instantly – Still do. When Johann played me the song, I knew instantly I wanted to record it. So happy they both agreed.

In addition to “Nobody But Me” an exciting docu style film “Michael Buble’ – Tour Stop 148 – will be in cinemas for a special one night only event on September 27th in the US. The film features up close performances from his recent world tour and highlights his hard working and dedicated touring family that brought the show from city to city for two years.

Buble’ recently created a new fine fragrance for women called By Invitation which was successfully launched this Fall and is currently in stores.

Michael Buble’s beautiful voice and talent as one of the world’s great entertainers has grown substantially in the last decade. Beginning with a passion for singing and interpreting great standards from the American songbook, nurtured by his grandfather, Buble’s unprecedented musical course began with the release of his self-titled Top Ten album and a Canadian Juno for “Best New Artist.” Buble’s sophomore album “This Time”, released in 2005 would be the game changer. Containing his first breakthrough single, “Home”, the CD reached No. 1 in several countries and spent 104 Weeks on Billboard’s Top Jazz charts including 78 weeks in the No. 1 spot. In 2006 Buble’ cleaned up with four Juno Awards and received two Grammy nominations.

For the next two years, the Canadian born singer would circle the globe eight times, visiting and performing in 40 countries. Buble’s success continued in 2007 with the release of “Call Me Irresponsible”. The disc debuted at No. 2 on the US Billboard Top 200 Charts and quickly took the top spot the following week. It reached No. 1 in seven countries and brought Buble’ his first Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album and sold over five million copies worldwide.

If the past eight years had been amazing, the success was eclipsed with the release of Buble’s forth CD Crazy Love in 2009 which debuted at No. 2 and once again, jumped to No. 1 the second week in the US as well as Canada and Australia. It would become Michael’s fastest selling album until 2011 when his studio album “Christmas” rose to the top of the charts in over 20 countries and sold over seven million albums earning a Juno for Album of the Year. His success as an international artist who reached unprecedented levels of stardom around the globe continued to ascend to epic proportions.

In 2013, with the release of “To Be Loved”, his sixth release, Michael Buble’ officially reached superstar level as the album reached the No. 1 spot in 11 countries and received another Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

Buble’ has been on five world tours and his most recent “Two Be Loved” Tour ran for 173 shows, 39 countries and was seen by over two million fans. The tour included an unprecedented 12 sold-out shows at London’s 02 Arena. In 2010, Buble’ headlined the Aviva Stadium in Dublin before l00,000 fans!

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