May 18, 2024

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Jazz is hip again in London: Jazz is a music that is emerging right now: New video 2018

Guido Spannocchi lives in London. As a jazz saxophonist. That’s difficult, but nice. About mental differences and the benefits of little ownership.

In London he lives from the hot air that escapes his alto saxophone. That’s not meant to be disrespectful. He plays up to three gigs a night. Its tone is as rough as the wind blowing against young musicians in London.

The city is so expensive that Guido Spannocchi, like most young people, can afford only one room in a shared flat. “I live in Zone 2. I pay 530 pounds for a room of 10 square meters. It’s a really cool deal, “he says during the interview in Vienna in the elegant Café Landtmann.

His definition of success is based more on the immaterial. “For me, success means being able to play with exciting colleagues as often as possible. It’s going very well in London at the moment. But there is no guarantee that it will stay that way. It is important that you have little stuff. I can put everything I own in the trunk of a taxi. ”

There is currently no need for this. London has a jazz hype. What is the strength of the local jazz scene compared to Vienna? “There is just a lot more audience. And of course more musicians with different backgrounds. In London, people are very open to unconventional ensembles. The bebop is big in London. Unlike in Vienna, where this repertoire is practically not played. In London, bebop is interpreted very freely. Nothing happens below 250 beats per minute. Glasses fall to the floor, people dance and scream. There is a mood like wrestling in this country. ”

It can not be wild enough

This also benefits Spannocchi with his unorthodox trio. “We do without the harmony instruments. Overall, our music is not very accessible. Many people like that. The stalls are also full on a Tuesday or Wednesday. There are a lot of young listeners who can not be raving enough. Jazz is hip. ”

Spannocchi has just released his second, very reschesian album “Terms & Conditions”. It was considered in the magazine “Straight No Chaser” with kind words. A nice piece of it is dedicated to Joe Zawinul, the most famous jazz Austrian. Threesome name dropping? Of course not. “I met him at the conservatory in Vienna. It was a workshop. I was very stressed then, had problems with my teacher. Then the Zawinul came in and said, “Jo, fellows, de scales could wash the houseclothes. That was the very first thing he said, in front of the whole Board of the Conservatory. That impressed me. “Even his musical language had always stood out from classical jazz and still fit well into the canon.

“He always had a vision, but he gave his musicians a lot of freedom.” He finds Spannocchi rather in the foreign. In this country, he finds it difficult to find musicians for his few appearances. He is not part of the local scene. He has just played with Vladimir Kostadinovic and Gina Schwarz at the Town Hall Square. “The two are very lucky for me. In London I can put together a band for a fast gig within 20 minutes. Here, colleagues are often on holiday in the summer or build a house or do not feel like a concert. ”

Jazz is a music that is emerging right now. In the same one also exists Spannocchi. An extended life perspective is currently not easy to think about. “As a jazz player in London, you have a livelihood crisis every Monday. From Tuesday on, there will be a gig again and then you will not have time to ponder. If you’re well booked, everything is cool. If you have gaps, less. “Now he’s in Vienna for a few days and he’s tired. “Not to play, I do not know that from London. And holidays? I’m not the type for that. Holidays would not help me.”

Jazzsaxofonist Guido Spannocchi: „Nicht zu spielen, das kenn ich nicht.“

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