May 29, 2024

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CD review: Arve Henriksen – Composograph 2018: Video

This record is a result of a collaboration that toured in Norway in 2012. Recorded in Rainbow Studio in Oslo. The constellation performed music in the mix of traditional folk, jazz and contemporary music.

The first record with this band, The Nature of Connections, was released on Rune Grammofon in 2014 and presented only the acoustic orchestration.

The music on this release contains sounds and ornaments from traditional Norwegian folk music, contemporary music, improvisation and field recorded sounds. This time the focus has been the combination of electronic sounds and the acoustic palette and how to merge this into a unique orchestration.

01. The plume of ash
02. Sculpture
03. Assemblage
04. The illuminated shadow
05. Merged wood
06. Winter scenario
07. Short stop Skjåk
08. Gathering in Vågå
09. Black mortar
10. Rustication
11. Street photography
12. Designer of dreams

Arve Henriksen – trumpets, saxophone, piano, sounds and electronics
Svante Henryson – cello
Mats Eilertsen – double bass
Gjermund Larsen – violin and hardanger fiddle
Nils Økland – violin, hardanger fiddle and viola d´amore
Audun Kleive – drums
Anna Maria Friman – additional hardanger fiddle (11)

Label: Arve Music

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