May 23, 2024

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CD review: Snorre Kirk – Beat 2018: Video

“Beat” contains eight of Snorre’s own tracks, as well as an anomaly in the form of a piece by bassist Juan Tizol (of Duke Ellington’s Orchestra) – the seldom heard and even more rarely performed piece, Zanzibar.

“It’s certainly not a coincidence that the number is included,” Snorre explains. “I’ve been working on some of jazz’s more exotic pieces, so crossing paths with Tizol was inevitable. His ‘Caravan’ from 1936 created a school in itself, and his ability as one of the first to create music inspired by, for example – Latin music – is unparalleled.” Zanzibar had fallen by the wayside for incomprehensible reasons, but is, like Snorre’s own music, pure joy. Glowing with colorful ele- ments, Zanzibar is a gem of a composition, and Snorre has felt a responsibility to keep it alive, while also using it as inspiration.

The remarkably flexible musical talent sits behind the drums in bands with some of the finest names of the Scandinavian jazz scene, and is also often heard with prominent international names such as Diane Schuur, Eric Reed, and Stephen Riley. For this session, Snorre Kirk has gathered a team of some of the toughest Scandinavian musicians, whom he has brought together to honor and pay tribute to their unique voices.

  1. Exotica 04:36
  2. 18th & Vine 02:36
  3. Monaco 05:10
  4. Blues Arabesque 04:58
  5. Portrait 05:00
  6. Blues Overture 04:33
  7. Beat 04:35
  8. Zanzibar 03:14
  9. Bells, Bells, Bells 04:36

Tobias Wiklund, cornet
Jan Harbeck, tenor saxophone
Klas Lindquist, alto saxophone, clarinet
Magnus Hjorth, piano
Lasse Mørck, double bass
Snorre Kirk, drums


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