May 18, 2024

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CD review: Tor Einar Bekken – Øra I – 2019: Video

Tor Einar “Dr” Bekken (born 14 May 1964) is a Norwegian blues and jazz musician (piano), known from various recordings. Bekken majored in music with a dissertation on the piano tradition in New Orleans, at the Department of Music (NTNU) in 1996.

Addittionally, he has another master’s degree in English literature (NTNU, 2012), with specialization in African-American poetry. He has with his background in various blues and boogie-woogie traditions developed his own expression, characterized by a strong rhythmic drive in his plays. He is also a lyrical ballad interpreter, often influenced by the New Orleans pianist James Carroll Booker III.


  1. Long Question Short Answer
  2. Dance
  3. One Helluva Nerve
  4. Blues For Art Hodes
  5. Beautiful Despair
  6. We Were Together, I Forget The Rest

Tor Einar Bekken – piano

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