June 17, 2024


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Get acquainted with a promising singer and pianist Alina Engibaryan: Video

Alina Engibaryan is a contemplative singer, keyboardist and composer whose musical roots go back to her childhood in Russia.

Her grandfather, Nikolay Goncharov, was a master jazz drummer in an era when jazz was perceived as “the devil’s music.”

Now this #RhodesGirl — as one Engibaryan fan put it on Instagram, in praise of her Fender Rhodes piano playing — is preparing to make her statement at the 2019 Winter Jazzfest. She’ll appear on 40th anniversary concert at S.O.B.’s on Jan. 11, as part of a lineup that also includes guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel, our own Felix Hernandez, and a certain bassist and bandleader billed here as DJ Brother Mister.

Engibaryan — joined by saxophonist Tivon Pennicott and fellow keyboardist Taylor Eigsti — will perform songs from her inviting recent GroundUP Music release, We Are. Produced by Michael League, the bassist and bandleader of Snarky Puppy, it’s an album that elegantly pairs her sultry vocals and Fender Rhodes with lush string arrangements.

Alina Engibaryan

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