May 22, 2024

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CD review: Massoud Godemann Trio – Hope 2019: Video

The clouds break and light shines through. Sorrows fade, smiles spread and life stretches out to face the brightness. Without trusting in the certainty of happiness, knowing that the good can happen just as suddenly as the bad is a heartfelt smile to me – Decatastrophy/ Hope!

Together with Gerd Bauder (b) and Michael Pahlich (dr), he forms the Massoud Godemann Trio (MG3), which creates a striking and variegated sonic landscape. Disciplined and unbridled at the same time, they harness their momentum and unify supposed opposites into a collective sound which evokes lust for life in musical poetry. Fast-paced and charged or gentle and touching – it is constantly a trialogue and playful element with which MG3 tells tales from life: invigorating and stirring, flattering and even critical.
It’s jazz – European jazz!


1 Gone 05:57
2 Hope 05:51
3 Rain 03:48
4 Katharsis 05:04
5 Zone 04:03
6 Talk to Me 04:02
7 Andronaco After 02:15
8 Blue Boss 03:57
9 Hurt 03:08

Massoud Godemann – Composition, Guitar
Gerd Bauder – Bass
Michael Pahlich – Drums

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