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CD review: Human Feel – Gold 2019: Video, CD cover

Human Feel have been together 30 years now, with no personnel changes in almost as long. Chris Speed, Andrew D’Angelo, Kurt Rosenwinkel and Jim Black had been developing individual and collective vocabularies in this very outfit, which went on to epitomize the 90s downtown scene.

Through it all Human Feel has carried on, and whenever they reconvene they have new musical stories to tell, and old ways of relating, of honing musical structures that depend on precision in the details yet leave much to be determined in performance. Now Human Feel present ‘Gold’ 12 years after their last album. The fusion of various musical idioms and the subtle play of calculation and spontaneity provide a highly individual musical language. Jim Black says, We were joking recently we only make an album every 10 years now … The past four years we’ve been getting together more often to work on new material, and to record when schedules allow. We had an amazing European tour in November 2017. The band just gets better. We believe more than ever that the four of us making music together is a necessity, and we intend to keep doing it wherever and whenever we can.

  1. Alar Vome 05:50
  2. Imaginary Friend 04:30
  3. G_D 09:02
  4. Stina Blues 04:02
  5. Bass Place 08:39
  6. Eon Hit 04:15
  7. Martens 05:15
  8. Lights Out 05:57
  9. Numer 06:26
  10. Ology 04:15

Jim Black, drums, electronics
Kurt Rosenwinkel, guitar
Chris Speed, tenor saxophone
Andrew D`Angelo, alto saxophone, bass clarinet 

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