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CD review: Thierry Eliez – Improse Extended 2019: Video, CD cover

You do not know who is Thierry ELIEZ …? Imagine a “talented little genius” who has played with the greatest: Horace Silver, Jaco Pastorius, Jimmy Smith, Aretha Franklin and so on, who has multiplied the participations and has intervened on many music films.

But that’s not all … because when you are an artist who plays at the level of the stars, you are asked and we have the pleasure of accompanying great French performers such Nougaro, Aznavour, Salvador and Catherine Lara, among others … And in addition to this resume to piss off a lot of French musicians (and not only those of the hexagon), we find ourselves faced with a personality almost shifted so it surprises, surprises, charm, seduced, because Thierry ELIEZ owns an extraordinary auditory memory and what is called “the absolute ear”.

Take a look at all these lines and you will have trouble understanding why you do not know Thierry ELIEZ yet. But the guy is such a discretion that you will be excused immediately, because Thierry is rather like to appreciate the shade of the stars he accompanies. But the talent of the character is such that one day it was his duty to show himself in full light. And so, after 35 years of career as sideman and more than 50 musical interventions with other musicians on their respective albums, Thierry ELIEZ (remember that name …!) Finally decides to publish his own. We are then in 2017 and he released his solo album “Improse”, but the creative genius constantly itching, he then decides very quickly to embark on new extensions of this first opus, and here he calls for two other musicians. He switches from one-to-one dialogue with the instrument to a three-way dialogue with two other musicians. On this new album Thierry ELIEZ is at the piano, Ivan Gélugne on bass and André Ceccarelli on drums. Thierry has composed 7 tracks and he takes “Circum” from Cellin Poggi and “Reverie” by Claude Debussy. Loving the work well done and shaped like a jewel, it is also he who arranged the whole. Another masterful success of this album, it allows the meeting of three musicians of three different generations who find themselves and flourish as well in abstraction as in figurative poetry. Magical, majestic and divine at the same time. An album that ranks among the essential of this early 2019!


  1. Circum
  2. Satie
  3. Absinthe
  4. Forango
  5. Rêverie
  6. Intérieur Nuit
  7. Frida
  8. Triptyque
  9. Incognition

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