May 23, 2024

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Union Bluescup in Trondheim May 11: Video

Saturday May 11, Trondheim Bluesklubb and Norwegian Bluesunion invite regional withdrawals in Union Bluescup 2019 at Hjorten Scene in the Royal Garden Hotel in Trondheim. Four bands are registered.

The four participant bands, Echo, Main Street Revival, The Five Lads and The Naveblues.

It’s the four bands Echo, Main Street Revival, The Five Lads and The Naveblues that will compete for the first two places in the regional outlet. This gives direct advancement to the semifinals and finals which are held at the Book and Blueshouse during the Notodden Blues Festival on the 2nd and 3rd August.

All four bands consist of younger musicians, and they come from different parts of the country. The quartet Echo originates from Heimdal High School, where they all have been students. The band also participated in the Cup at Notodden last year. Main Street Revival comes from Levanger and plays blues rock inspired by bands like Rival Sons and Kaleo. From Bodø comes the newly started band The Five Lads, which also plays music in the blues rock genre. The Naveblues take the trip from Bergen to participate in the UBC outlet in Trondheim. The band plays a mix of indie, rock and blues.

The final will also contain up to 10 bands this year. In addition to the regional outlet in Trondheim, a withdrawal is also held in Oslo. It is the eastern edge of Bluesklubb and Oslo Bluesklubb, which together stand behind the event which takes place during Music Festival Oslo Saturday June 1st. This will take place on the outdoor scene that is located at the Tordenskiold Pub in Rosenkrantzgate.

Union Bluescup i Trondheim 11. mai

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