May 24, 2024

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CD review: Tim Finoulst Trio – Tender Machine 2019: Video, CD cover

Guitarist Tim Finoulst releases a second own album with his regular trio after Narrative. He was already able to profile himself strongly in a duo with Kim Versteynen (winning team at Dinant Jazz 2013), in the group of Jelle Van Giel, Marjan Van Rompay, Carlo Nardozza Trio In Bocca Lupo and Tutu Puoane’s Tales By The Moonlight.

In Tender Machine, Tim Finoulst’s introspective individuality floats to the surface, which translates into poetic lyrical guitar sounds. That matches perfectly with the unmistakably warm but penetrating sound of Bert Joris that helps determine the modest atmosphere on four songs.

Tim Fimoulst is not bothered about who his influences are, from Joni Mitchell to Bill Frisell and Kenny Wheeler to folk / bluegrass. He puts it into his own hand in 6 self-written songs, masterfully subtly supported by bass player Martijn Vanbuel and drummer Daniël Jonkers. They each draw for a personally inspired song.

Tender Machine refers to the poem “The Man Is A Gentle Machine” by Hans Vroman. With that Tim Finoulst wants to indicate that most songs are inspired by their own personal relationship with people from the direct or indirect environment.

From the start, Tender Machine gently wraps you in with the intensely sensitive guitar of Tim Finoulst and the singing trumpet of Bert Joris (Smiling Eyes). They continue to hold on to excitement with clever interactions, excellently underlined by the rhythm section (Nice People, Mouches Volantes and the issue of Brother van Jonkers). On You Moved Me, Tutu Puoane contributes with her authentic voice (she also wrote the lyrics herself).

The album has a groovy twist (When Bill Met Kenny), a swinging piece by Martijn Vanbuel (Philomène) and a bluegras touch (Folky Towers).

Tender Machine impresses with its deceptive simplicity, which is deeply rooted and truly a musical hit.

1 Smiling Eyes 07:00
2 When Bill Met Kenny 06:17
3 Nice People 06:03
4 You Moved Me 05:45
5 Philomene 04:28
6 Mouches Volantes 07:46
7 Folky Towers 05:16
8 Brother 06:01

Tim Finoulst (guitar)
Martijn Vanbuel (double bass)
Daniel Jonkers (drums)

special guests

Bert Joris (trumpet and fluegelhorn)
Tutu Puoane (vocals)

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