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CD review: Krzysztof Pacan – Story of 82 – 2020: Video, CD cover

Krzysztof Pacan is a double bass player, bass guitarist, producer and composer – a musician active on the stage for over twenty years. He collaborated with a number of outstanding artists, just to mention Janusz Muniak, Zbigniew Namysłowski and Urszula Dudziak. He has played dozens of concerts in various line-ups around the world. His debut album, Facing the Challenge, met with great reception and was nominated for Fryderyk in the Jazz Debut of the Year category.

Story of 82 is Krzysztof Pacan’s second fully original album. The title refers to my birthday. The new album is in a sense my musical autobiography, a summary, but also a definition of the direction in which I would like to go further – explains the musician. Unlike the first album, Story of 82 was recorded entirely by the quartet. I thought about the right line-up for a long time and was very happy when all the musicians accepted my invitation. Each of them is a great individualist who, apart from leading his own bands, is also able to co-create someone’s musical vision with great commitment, explains the leader.

The music on Story of 82 sounds classic, but at the same time is characterized by great panache and freshness. Krzysztof Pacan describes his approach to composition in the following way: Due to the fact that I have been active on many musical levels for years, it is natural that my work is permeated with many genres. I owe a large part of my sound and thinking about music to outstanding artists with whom I had the opportunity to meet both on stage and outside. I have to mention here my master Gary Peacock, but also Tomasz Stańko and Adam Pierończyk.

So how do you define the style of Story of 82? Tradition is something worth starting from, but can be skillfully eluded later on. I believe that the most valuable things are born under the influence of previously established paths – I believe in a skillful fusion of the old with the new, while music created in isolation from the knowledge of basics and traditions often sounds caricatured. That is why I try to combine the influences of the masters from the 1960s with my original approach and original melodies – concludes the artist.

01.Story of 82
02.Ggantija Temples
03.Three Four Ballad
04.Space Impact
05.Serotonin Inhibitors
06.Interlude I II III IV
07.A Little More to the Story

Krzysztof Pacan – bass guitar
Piotr Wyleżoł – piano
Radek Nowicki – tenor and soprano saxophone
Krzysztof Dziedzic – drums
Marta Zalewska – viola da gamba and renaissance fiddle

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