July 19, 2024


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John Coltrane and ‘Cat in the Bag’ … Photos, Video

In 1964, Canadian filmmaker Gilles Groulx directed Le Chat Dans le Sac (The Cat in the Bag), a black-and-white film about two young lovers in Montreal.

The film is in French and is a forerunner of A Man and a Woman (1966), without the sports cars and the dramatic Francis Lai score.

Instead, this one had John Coltrane creating a cerebral mood. A jazz fan, Groulx asked Coltrane if he’d record music for the film. A Florida contact had put Groulx in touch with the John Coltrane Quartet bassist Jimmy Garrison, who in turn connected him with the saxophonist. Upon meeting Groulx, Coltrane liked him and agreed to record. The songs he recorded wound up on an album released last year called Blue World.

The film with English subtitles and Coltrane’s music. A special thanks to Bruno Vasil…

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