May 23, 2024

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CD review: Bireli Lagrene – Solo Suites 2022: Video, CD cover

Biréli Lagrène, unparalleled musician in the world of jazz and improvised music. Without him, today’s jazz would not be quite the same.

The greatest guitarists on the planet honor him with respect, for his fabulous technique and his extraordinary level of inspiration. The whole world envies us.

His music is clear, raw and without artifice: it flows from an inexhaustible source inherited from a centuries-old history: more than a thousand years of music for a miraculous alchemy mixing gypsy cultures, heterogeneous borrowings from the great standards of jazz, Bavarian folklore, to Bach or to the heritage of French song.

My music ? It’s Blues with a bit of harmony. This is what the interested party says.

His guitar exalts us to a life of mystery and love that touches the heart. This is his real genius.

After having explored all the tracks of jazz in the company of the greatest musicians of his time, Biréli Lagrène delivers for the first time on disc to the exercise of the solo.

1. Memories (4:26)
2. Nature Boy (5:09)
3. Little Melody (6:14)
4. A suivre… (2:03)
5. Question réponse (1:34)
6. Caravan (2:59)
7. My Foolish Hearth (2:59)
8. Put Your Dreams Away (3:14)
9. Fifty Five Reasons (4:32)
10. Bagi (3:53)
11. Green Light (2:34)
12. Buster Keaton (3:51)
13. Un certain groove (3:01)
14. 12.15 (2:19)
15. Blue Blues (2:44)
16. No Signal (0:48)
17. Angel for Montgomery (4:04)

Bireli Lagrene – Solo Suites [2022] Flac | WRZmusic

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