May 18, 2024

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CD review: Vasco Pimentel Trio – Walkabout 2022: Video, CD cover

The Vasco Pimentel Trio comprises Portuguese pianist-composer Vasco Pimentel, double bassist Rodrigo Correia and drummer Diogo Alexandre. Together they perform the compositions of Vasco Pimentel on Walkabout, in which Pimentel’s original music is augmented by the improvisations of Correia and Alexandre.

For Pimentel, Walkabout is a journey towards musical identity, via rhythmic musical play on the one hand, and a sensitivity to deeper meaning on the other. He is particularly fascinated by the playful concept of rhythmic illusion, setting up certain expectations, illusions and surprises in listeners’ minds, encouraging us towards varying, often mesmerising perceptions of rhythm and time.

The combination of original composition and improvisation was influenced by artists such as Keith Jarrett and João Paulo Esteves da Silva, and the three members of the Trio share strong artistic and personal ties: a precise but rich sense of rhythm, and a deep sense of creativity and sensitivity. Walkabout represents a rite of passage from a younger stage of life towards a more mature one, encapsulating Pimentel’s musical journey of self-discovery.

Vasco Pimentel is young, but the work reveals an unusual musical maturity. This is, without a doubt or hesitation, one of the most auspicious and remarkable debut albums I’ve heard over almost 30 years of jazz promotion.

This is the only impenetrable aspect of a vibrant personality. Sounds emphasizes the compositional form of the album, returning to parts of the opener played in reverse. Ours features originals by all three players. The hooks are much more elusive here. It takes some serious listening to fathom the musical rewards the threesome are after. On one level, these releases raise questions about identityt. Perhaps the idea is for the listener to come up with his or her own ideal blend, sort of a mix and max approach regarding the strengths.

01. Walkabout (8:27)
02. Malha (8:50)
03. Espaço (9:24)
04. Devil’s Plan (3:17)
05. Ilha (10:39)
06. Around (3:17)
07. Preso por um fio (10:19)
08. Improvisaçao (3:40)

Vasco Pimentel, piano
Rodrigo Correia, double bass
Diogo Alexandre, drums

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