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CD review: Nat King Cole – From The Capitol Vaults Vol. 2 – 2022: Video, CD cover

From The Capitol Vaults (Vol. 2), the second installment in the new Nat King Cole digital series, features 14 more rare tracks, most of which will be available on streaming platforms for the first time ever.

Recorded between 1953 and 1959, highlights include “Why Can’t We Try Again?,” “You Are My First Love,” and “When Rock And Roll Come to Trinidad.”

Cole’s smooth and engaging voice, inhabiting some of the greatest love songs, typified its era and proves everlasting in 2022 on From The Capitol Vaults (Vol.2). Listen HERE.

This second collection of 14 tracks explores more of the hidden gems in his illustrious catalog. Comprised of songs from his most prolific period between 1953 to 1959, a span that saw the legendary jazz/pop performer release hits that sold millions and, in 1956, he became the first Black entertainer to host a national network variety television show, NBC’s “Nat King Cole Show.”

Cole’s effervescent swing and moonlit balladry propelled him to the forefront of the most iconic performers ever to emerge from the jazz/pop sphere. Even the most casual music listeners probably know one or two hits by memory — such is his ageless appeal — but From The Capitol Vaults (Vol. 2) is for those interested in the deeper reaches of his vast and immersive catalog. With such memorable and classic tracks as “For A Moment Of Your Love,” “Something Happens To Me,” and “You Are My First Love,” which was the B-side to his hit single “Ballerina,” the collection contains collaborations with some of the best in the business, including composers Irving Berlin, Jimmy Van Heusen, and Jack Segal and arrangers Nelson Riddle and Gordon Jenkins. All but one of the tracks is currently unavailable digitally.

In addition to the first volume of the From the Capitol Vaults series, Capitol/UMe recently released A Sentimental Christmas with Nat King Cole and Friends: Cole Classics Re-imagined. Taking its lead from “Unforgettable,” the 1991 GRAMMY award-winning virtual duet with his daughter Natalie Cole,” the holiday album weaves Nat’s distinctive and beautifully restored vocals with new arrangements and contemporary artists, creating unique duets of holiday classics.

Cole should still be with us by all rights, but he passed away in 1965 at just 45 years old. As an icon from the bygone Swing Era and Jazz Age, this volume is a great way to revisit and enjoy the Cole tracks that permeate our culture. But when it comes to American geniuses like him, digging a little deeper now and again is always an excellent idea.

01. Why Can’t We Try Again? (1953)
02. For A Moment Of Your Love (1953)
03. I’m Shooting High (not on proper NKC release, only on a V/A comp) (1956)
04. Maybe It’s Because I Love You Too Much (1956)
05. One Sun (1956)
06. You Are My First Love (1956)
07. It’s None Of My Affair (1957)
08. How Did I Change? (1957)
09. When Rock And Roll Come To Trinidad (1957)
10. Laughable (1958)
11. Something Happens To Me (1958)
12. Do I Like It? (1958)
13. When You Belong To Me (1958)
14. Give Me Your Love (1959)

From The Capitol Vaults, Vol. 2 by Nat "King" Cole on Apple Music

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