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CD review: Micaela Martini, Luca Pasqua – Ask The Dust 2022: Video, CD cover

Micaela Martini, guitarist, vocalist and band leader, appears on the contemporary Italian jazz scene as an instrumentalist and interpreter to arrive at the composition and arrangement.

She has always been interested in the spiritual approach in music, she approaches the musical conception of John Coltrane, which inspires her in her path of poetic and human research.

She completes her first studies with Maria Letizia Tedeschi at the Civic School of Cassano D’Adda and she is passionate about classical guitar with forays into contemporary flamenco, which she learns thanks to Livio Gianola.

You come to jazz guitar with Bebo Ferra and Dario Faiella.

She graduated in jazz guitar at the Lucio Campiani Conservatory of Music in Mantua, under the guidance of Simone Guiducci, and she completed her jazz guitar and singing studies with Silvia Infascelli and Eleonora D ’Ettole, as well as piano and drums.

She attends courses and internships with Peter Bernstein, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Fabio Zeppetella, Scott Henderson and at the Umbria Jazz festival, while with Luca Pasqua she approaches the expressions of the funky blues.

You take part in the ensemble music ensemble of the CDpM of Bergamo, coordinated by Claudio Angeleri, Dario Faiella, Max Furian and Marco Esposito.

She in turn takes care of music teaching, she conceives and organizes workshops for children with preparatory games and exercises.

In the first years of activity she plays with Piero Pasini, Stefano Capomagi and Max Caronia, currently engaged with Maisie, a nationally renowned art rock group; she is among the protagonists of the musical review Mocambo in Jazz together with established artists such as Guido Bombardieri, Eleonora D ’Ettole and Dario Faiella Trio.

You collaborate in poetic readings with the well-known actor Diego Baldoin and the writer Stefano K Di Modugno.

You participate in various formations and collaborations: with Luca Pasqua in a jazz guitar duo, with Bruno Gussoni (flute) and Maria Torelli (bass) in the GMT Trio total improvisation project.

Alongside Bruno Marini, (baritone sax, alto sax, flute and Hammond organ) internationally renowned musician, with over 60 jazz and blues LPs and CDs, in addition to live shows, in 2021 she participates in the Juiced Intruders album . Her latest work is the single Take a Beat, which features Marini as a guest.

I love the interplay between me and Luca: it’s easy and relax to play with him. Ask the Dust was born with the intention of expressing our vision of jazz standards, revisiting and interpreting it, adding two of our original pieces developed precisely on this mood. It just realized another album called “Electric Trane” with Bruno Marini and Cristina Mazza like guests, an album dedicated to John Coltrane, an electric reinterpretation of his music … it’s cool! I have known Luca since 2012 and I always love his musicality and his approach to improvisation,- an interview with me said Micaela Martini – I am really happy – says Micaela Martini – to be able to share the bill with artists of this caliber, some of them have been great masters for me. Furthermore, she makes me proud to participate in an exhibition that brings jazz music to the places where I was born and raised.

“Inspired by the great John Coltrane … boasts a very respectable curriculum, and is constantly growing” – La Gazzetta dell’Adda. “Micaela Martini at Mocambo in Jazz, on the bill with some of the greatest Italian jazz players” – Online-jazz.net

1. Peace
2. Nica’s Dream
3. Yesterdays
4. Lazy Bird
5. The Sound Of Your Smile
6. Have You Met Miss Jones
7. Colette
8. Stella By Starlight

Micaela Martini, Luca Pasqua – guitar

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Micaela Martini & Luca Pasqua

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