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CD review: Paolo Fresu – Ferlinghetti 2022: Video, CD cover

The soundtrack of the docufilm “The last beat” by director Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani continues the collaboration started several years ago with Paolo Fresu.

The musical analysis of the trumpeter alongside his now trusted new trio with Dino Rubino and Marco Bardoscia manages to offer – especially on live occasions – profound perspectives around such a beautiful and discussed theme as that of the much loved beat generation.

To widen the sound plateau was then called Daniele Di Bonaventura whose bandoneon manages to give deep pictorial nuances.

From San Francisco to Sardinia, passing through Rome: it is the parable between music and poetry that he ideally draws Paolo Fresuprotagonist on trumpet and flugelhorn with his new trio – Dino Rubino on piano, Marco Bardoscia on double bass, Daniele Di Bonaventura on bandoneon – of the concert “Ferlinghetti”, named after the poet and editor of the beat generation Lawrence Ferlinghettian American with an Italian father (who died before he was born), to be precise Lombard, and a Franco-Portuguese mother (hospitalized in an asylum when he was only a few months old), a life between France and the USA, before moving permanently to California.

Fresu, ‘king’ of Italian jazz, creator in his Sardinia of the ‘Time in Jazz’ review starting tomorrow, proposes this evening at the House of Jazz in Rome a concert in which the soundtrack of the docufilm ‘The last beat’ by director Ferdinando Vicentini Orgnani, signed by the Sardinian musician. The feature film was designed to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Ferlinghetti, born in March 1919 and passed away in February 2021 on the eve of his 102 years. A long and even ‘wide’ life, marked by his poems and the activity of his publishing house, City Lights, which gives Allen Ginsberg a Jack Kerouac made the literature of the beat generation.

1 I Was an American Boy 06:11
2 Ferlinghetti 03:16
3 The Macaronis Scene 03:23
4 Hill of Poetry 06:13
5 Obscene Boundaries 04:33
6 Endless Life 02:49
7 Island of the Mind 05:30
8 I Am the Man 04:21
9 Too Young to Die 03:23
10 Tyrannus Nix 04:34
11 Where Books Were Trees 04:25
12 Back Roads to Far Places 02:52
13 Eponymous Epitaph 02:30

Paolo Fresu – trumpet, flugelhorn, effects
Dino Rubino – piano
Marco Bardoscia – double bass
Daniele Di Bonaventura (or Carlo Maver) – bandoneon

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