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Interview with Joe Fonda: The music is something you can’t live wth out: Video

Jazz interview with jazz contrabassist Joe Fonda. An interview by email in writing. – Before we jump into anything historical, can you tell us about what we can expect musically this evening?

Joe Fonda: – I’m not sure what evening your talking about…

JBN: – Are there sub-genres within the jazz field that you tend to stay away from or focus on?

JF: – No, I use the entire continuum of the music, I am interested in all of it.

JBN: – When your first desire to become involved in the music was & what do you learn about yourself from music?

JF: – That i had the passion for making the music my life.

JBN: – How do you prepare before your performances to help you maintain both spiritual and musical stamina?

JF: – I practice and work the material we will be performing. I have exercises that work on to keep my strength

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JBN: – What happened when you first heard Bird? Did it make an immediate impact on you?

JF: – Its hard to remember where i heard Bird the first time.

JBN: – With such an illustrious career, what has given you the most satisfaction musically?

JF: – Going back and listing the old cds from the Fonda Stevens Group. This band was very very special.

JBN: – From the musical and feeling point of view is there any difference between a old and great jazzmans and young?

JF: – The Older masters have there developed there own sound that’s the difference.

JBN: – What advice would you give to aspiring musicians thinking of pursuing a career?

JF: – Make sure the music is something you can’t live wth out. This is the only thing that will sustain you though the difficult times.

Interview by Simon Sargsyan

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