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CD review: Tiago Lageira – Maré Noturna 2022: Video, CD cover

Photo by Govert Driessen

Tiago Lageira was 15 when he moved to the Netherlands from Portugal. His cradle was in Sines, also the birthplace of the famous Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama.

“That is now 14 years ago. I actually started playing guitar out of boredom. I didn’t speak the language, knew no one and had nothing to do. A friend of my mother gave me a guitar and I was immediately obsessed with it. A year later I applied to music school.”

Eventually he found his way in the local jazz scenes and studied at the Tilburg Conservatory. After graduation, Tiago tested himself by participating in some of the biggest music competitions in Europe today. He was one of the finalists at the Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2020 and he won the UK Jazz Guitar Competition in 2020. Also he performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Throughout, Tiago found inspiration with John Coltrane, Pat Martino, George Benson, João Bosco, Elis Regina and Pedro Jóia. Obviously Portuguese and Brazilian influences, like Fado and Samba, characterize his way of playing.

‘Maré Noturna’ means ‘nocturnal tide’. “When you are on the beach in the evening, you experience a completely different image and context of sea and light than during the day. I sort of like that darkness. The contrast is deeper.”
In addition to his own compositions, the album also contains works by Thelonious Monk, Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie and Baden Powell.

Matheus Nicolaiewsky is a great Brazilian bass player that lives here in Holland and he plays amazingly on both double bass and electric bass and his swing feel for jazz and samba is phenomenal! Trough him I got in contact with Kiko Freitas who’s the drummer of João Bosco and the Nosso Trio, I’ve listened to him probably more then a thousand times on records and just love everything about how he plays and sounds! This balance is reflected on many things in life, I think good music is music where people instinctively recognize this balance on it. It’s much harder then it sounds though, the balance is always there it’s just not necessarily perfectly equal. I think it’s crucial to be aware of this as a musician,- an interview with me said Tiago Lageira.

Expect music full of big grooves, great songs, spontaneous improvisations and deep sensitivity as its core elements.

1. Jojo (4:08)
2. My One and Only Love (4:51)
3. Ask Me Now (3:20)
4. Maré Noturna (3:32)
5. Samba em Prelúdio (5:04)
6. Vira de Frielas (2:47)
7. Bloomdido (3:19)

Tiago Lageira – guitar
Matheus Nicolaiewsky – double bass
Kiko Freitas – drums

New CD – 2022 – Buy from here

Maré Noturna". Album of Tiago Lageira, Kiko Freitas, Matheus Nicolaiewsky buy or stream. | HIGHRESAUDIO

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