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CD review: Norbert Dalsass, Michele Giro, Roman Hinteregger – Still – Jazz Fantasy – 2023: CD cover

Jazz Fantasy is a trio formed by double bass player Norbert Dalsass, one of the most respected exponents of jazz in South Tyrol. The group is active from 1993, but released its first album following five years of regular activity, «Undiscovered Hit’s», with three special guests, including the famous trumpeter Franco Ambrosetti.

Then they returned to the original trio with «Modus» (2000) and «Every Breath We Take» (2005). With «Between» (2007), other three winds, among which Ambrosetti, were added again. These four albums were released by Splasc(H) label.

The trio, whose members are basically equal in terms of leadership, is completed by the pianist from Bolzano Michele Giro and drummer Roman Hinteregger, who hails from Brixen like Dalsass. The excellent, at times magical interplay created by the three musicians allows each one to take the initiative in turn; even the double bass and the drums, besides supplying the rhythm, can take the lead like the piano and become, if necessary, leaders.

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After many concerts, 15 years after «Between», the trio feels the need to return to recording in the studio of the new music, and the fifth Jazz Fantasy album, released this time by Caligola, also comes out to celebrate their thirty years of activity (1993–2023): a very special anniversary!

In 1993 we met and found each other immediately. From the beginning, all three of us were very creative, courageous and enthusiastic. The special thing about our band was that we could move back and forth between two opposites. On the one hand, the melodic harmonic vein of Michele Giro gave us a good stability, on the other hand, I was rather attracted by the freer interplays between us. Roman Hinteregger acted as a bridge between the two sides. In this field of tension we moved back and forth, were able to play a wide range of energy fields. We won several international competitions and played at international festivals. We recorded four CDs, Undiscovered Hit’s, Modus, Every Breath We Take and Between, the last two with the participation of the extraordinary Franco Ambrosetti on trumpet. There was then a break in the 2000s. Each of us had to make new experiences, hone our own style, position ourselves more clearly. When we played together again after 10 years, we knew that there was still a lot of potential in the band. Finally we condensed our new ideas in the release of our last CD “STILL”. The music of this CD – also this one with a special artwork – was written by Michele Giro and me. In earlier times Michele played only on the piano. Now we also use electronic sounds that outgrow the mood of the new pieces. As an alternative to the double bass, in two pieces I play a 5 string double bass guitar. The band is the same, the spectrum of the music is completely new. I was musical director of the club Dekadenz in Brixen between 1986 and 2021. I organized over 300 concerts there during that time. What was my criterion to invite a band? The music must flourish the soul, otherwise it leaves no traces in the people. And that is a pity in a time when the mental outweighs the soul. And music is first of all food for the soul,- an interview with me said Norbert Dalsass.

The purchase link is below, we recommend that you definitely get this CD and enjoy it. Completely original compositions, works created by performers, which give this album more interest and uniqueness. In short, if you lack fantasy, you can make up for it by having this CD of that name. If you are a fantasy-rich personality, then try to combine it with the fantasy offered by these wonderful musicians.

1 Still (N.Dalsass)
2 Speedway [Almabtrieb] (N.Dalsass)
3 New Dream (N.Dalsass, M.Giro)
4 Nichts (M.Giro)
5 For Marchin (M.Giro)
6 Peace Convention (N.Dalsass, Luis Zöschg)
7 Reloaded (M.Giro)
8 SiBiMax (M.Giro)
9 Shadows in the Nigh (N.Dalsass)

Michele Giro (piano, keyboards)
Norbert Dalsass (double bass, contrabass guitar)
Roman Hinteregger (drums)

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Still - Jazz Fantasy, Norbert Dalsass - Qobuz

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