May 20, 2024

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Book review: Ear Candy: Foxes and Fossils, America’s #1 Cover Band by Paul F. Caranci, and band member Sammie Purcell: Video, Photos

It’s rare to find a band with an origin story quite as intriguing as that of YouTube sensation Foxes and Fossils.

Mixing covers from vintage classic rock and folk bands (such as Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young) with more contemporary pop acts (like Paramore and Taylor Swift), this band consists of industry professionals (the fossils) who curated a lifetime of gigging experience with some of the greats. They then formed a partnership with the foxes — 3 young ladies who bring a youthful flair to the music that the fossils blend seamlessly with.

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The book, Ear Candy, written by Paul Caranci and Sammie Purcell, is the story of how it all came together. Headed up by band leader Tim Purcell and friends, and then expanding into adding the younger additions (starting with his own talented daughter, Sammie Purcell), Foxes and Fossils have garnered millions of views on YouTube by posting covers and live gigs that span the generational gap. With something for everyone, you’ll quickly find yourself down the rabbit hole of their videos, desperate to experience the ethereal vocal harmonies and flawlessly-executed instrumentation of each song.


I enjoyed reading this book and spending time with the biographies of each member. As they all have a unique life story that led them to joining the band, there’s no shortage of amusing anecdotes with cameos from A-list stars (my favorite was of Steven Tyler getting booted to the back seat of a car to make room for a taller passenger).

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In addition to listening to some of their covers and seeing each member in action, I formed a greater appreciation for the band and everything they’ve set out to do. My only slight critique would be that some of the information was a bit repetitive, but I know a lot of that was to show the way each member’s story overlapped and connected with another’s. The full story — the journey of Foxes and Fossils — is one that you won’t soon forget. I definitely recommend picking up a copy of Ear Candy to properly “meet” each member and watch their unique story unfold.

Tim Purcell Playing Guitar

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