May 19, 2024

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CD review: Chick Corea – Sardinia – 2023: Video, CD cover

Jazz master Chick Corea’s unconventional vision of a classical performance shines through in his interaction with the Orchestra da Camera Della Sardegna, turning the acclaimed chamber orchestra into a large-scale jazz ensemble.

His unorthodox approach adds a touch of playfulness to the Mozart & Gershwin pieces performed while upholding Corea’s obvious reverence for their music. His joyous fusion sets the tone for the musicians and the audience, creating a truly captivating and boundary- pushing experience.

The recording captures the essence of Corea’s musical vision, his appreciation for classical traditions, and his undeniable genius as a performer and improviser. It stands as a testament to his lasting influence and his eternal quest to push the boundaries of music.

Through his work as a composer and a performer, he sought to bridge the gap between genres, embracing the universality and enduring power of classical music. Corea realized this ambition fully during this live performance as was eager to release the recording as an album that would inspire jazz and classical music lovers equally.


1 Mozart Intro
2 Mozart Piano Concerto No.24 In C Minor, K.491: I. Allegro
3 Mozart Piano Concerto No.24 In C Minor, K.491: Ii. Larghetto
4 Mozart Piano Concerto No.24 In C Minor, K.491: Iii. Allegretto
5 Gershwin Intro
6 Someone To Watch Over Me
7 Rhapsody In Blue


Chick Corea: piano
Orchestra da Camera Della Sardegna (2-4, 6, 7)

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Chick Corea - Sardinia - Music

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