May 19, 2024

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Jason Richardson – Throwing horns up, the audience cheers and follows his lead: Video, Photos

At the Orlando Amphitheater was the place to be if you enjoy the sound of a guitar. Jason Richardson, guitarist for All That Remains, has taken his solo project on tour and is currently opening up for the co-headlining Babyklok tour with Babymetal and Dethklok.

When arriving at the amphitheater I had to make a stop by the box office to pick up credentials, meet with the other photographers and wait for our show escort to take us to the photopit. It was getting very close to showtime, and we were still waiting by the box office.

Ernie Ball Music Man - Jason Richardson Guitar | Guitars | Ernie Ball Music  Man

The sound of the guitar started, and I knew what was happening, Jason Richardson had already taken the stage and was opening the show with “Tendinitis” from his 2022 album title “II”. Being that we are only allowed to be in the photopit for the first three songs, myself and a couple others were getting a little anxious.

Now hearing the second song begin I was concerned that we were going to miss the entire set or at least the first three that we could be up close for. The back door of the box office opens and our escort comes out saying let’s go we’ll get you down front for three songs.

Stream 【Jason Richardson | Lindsey Stirling - The Arena 】 Guitar Cover by  Nibblets | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Making it to the pit, decked out in a red and black long sleeve, long coat we found Jason performing “Ishimura.” I couldn’t hold it in, I was all smiles. Jason was holding a seven string Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass and burning the strings up as his fingers were moving faster and faster. Throwing horns up, the audience cheers and follows his lead. He wipes the sweat from his face, catches his breath and jumps right into Sparrow and follows up with Titan.

As we leave the pit, I keep looking back over my shoulder watching as Jason performs “Retrograde.” Even though we are back at our meeting area, by the box office, I can still hear perfectly as Jason closes out his set with “Upside Down” and “Hos Down.”

Jason Richardson: “I was a high-school kid watching John Petrucci play his  Music Man... now I have my own signature model” | Guitar World

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