May 20, 2024

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Esperanza Spalding and Gregory Porter play in your living room

Top jazz artists including Gregory Porter, Esperanza Spaulding and the Ezra Collective have performed in living rooms across the world in support of refugees.

The Give a Home campaign by Amnesty International and Sofar Sounds brought together a thousand artists playing 300 gigs in 60 countries to raise money and awareness for the more than 200 million refugees worldwide.

Amnesty Secretary General Salil Shetty said, “The world refugee crisis is one of the defining issues of our era. How we respond to it now will shape who we are for generations to come. This is our moment to defend the things that unite us and refuse to let fear and prejudice win.”

Sofar Sounds is a London based company which throws secret concerts in people’s homes all over the world. They’ve previously hosted shows in venues ranging from back gardens in Cape Town to Cliffside lairs in Los Angeles, greenhouses in Tokyo, lofts in London, mansions in Mumbai, outback farms in Australia and converted schoolhouses in São Paulo.

Co-CEO Rafe Offer said “Give a Home aligns Amnesty International and Sofar’s vision of a global community united by the things that really matter, in the same way that Sofar unites thousands of people all around the world every day through a shared love of music.”

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