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An interview with Joe Fonda: I’ve been on the road playing constantly for the last 30 years: Video

Jazz interview with contrabassist Joe Fonda. An interview by email in writing.

I grew up in upstate New York my father was a trumpet player in my mother was a singer they were part of the swing band hair he played Jeff it was a very good improviser my father.

Teachers that were most influential they work bass players they were piano players like Michael Jeffrey Stephens they were dramas like Steve Mac craving Elvin Jones Barry Altschul Kenny Johnson do I play the blues with Harvey sorgen. I first with an electric bass player and play the blues and R&B rap. I’ve started to play the upright bass when I Began to listen does Charlie Parker felonious monk Anthony Braxton text recorded Cecil Taylor I started to play acoustic bass, because that was the estimate of the music. I’ve developed my sound because I’ve been on the road playing constantly for the last 30 years and I have to say the great dramas that have played with you help me develop my sound in my approach and Barry percussive very rhythmical very precise with what I play Barry articulate this comes from playing with great drums. Can I have a great time my Grove asleep I go for the Grove even if I’m going completely free music this comes from playing with great drummers. As for my practice routine for many many many years I would practice with records or CDs I would pick correct look like Elvin Jones not Sonny Rollins live at the Vanguard without insurance and won’t be aware and I will practice playing with them and try to make my groove bit late there’s I spent hours practicing with records this particular song that played for two or three years on a daily basis this is one of my group came from as well as playing with green dramas putting on the headphones turning up the music very loud in trying to make sure that I am getting into the groove that they have themselves this was the best practice routine ever had.

Joe Fonda

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