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Ana Carla Maza is radiant … Familia Carlos Maza takes her audience in a poetic whirlwind of jazz … Videos, Photos

Alone on the stage, she is one with the cello whose virtuosic sounds she explores. Sensual, the musician deploys a range of colors and sensations, alternating caresses and storms. In the difficult exercise of the solo concert, the young artist imposed his natural energy.

“I invite you to an imaginary trip to South America”. From the Brazilian bossa nova to the Cuban habanera, her voice, inhabited and controlled at the same time, is a marvel. She dares some songs in French including an interpretation of an infinite accuracy of “The Javanese” of Gainsbourg. Chills…

Biography: At the age of ten, she made her debut at the Jazz Plaza Festival in Havana with her father Carlos Maza with whom she recorded five albums and toured Europe (Italy, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Romania, France , Austria …) including the Konzerthaus in Vienna, Jazz in Porquerolles and Sibiu Jazz Festival. In 2010 she made a tour in Spain as soloist of Orquesta Sinfónica Mediterránea. In 2012 she moved to Paris to continue her studies at the Conservatoire de Paris and the University La Sorbonne IV. Cellist and singer of the tour in France with Jean Louis Aubert “Aubert sings Houllebecq” in 2014.

Solo cello recording for several musics of the film including OKA from African director Souleymane Cissé with Amine Bouhafa, Ballaké Sissoko presented at the Cannes Film Festival and Underground Fragances Best Film Venice Award.

Collaborations with artists such as Louis Sclavis, Bastien Lallemant, Richard Galleano, Sarah Murcia, Seb Martel, Moh Kouyate, Kandia Kouyate, Mohamed’Ali Kommoun, Rido Bayonne and notably Vincent Ségal, the French cello master who sees in her “the future of cello “. The two cellists on stage at Jazz in Porquerolles, Jazz in Vienna and Amphi Opera in Lyon. A complicity, a happiness to play, a huge technique, emotion …

In July 2017 she successfully presented her solo concert at the Jazz Festival in Vienna and in September toured 40 concerts in Norway with The Cultural Rucksack. Currently Ana Carla Maza is artist-in-residence at the Cité Des Arts in Paris proposed by the Ministry of Culture in France and is preparing her first album.


Whether solo, duet with her daughter Ana Carla on cello or sexteto Familia Carlos Maza takes her audience in a poetic whirlwind of jazz, classical and Latin American popular music.

Settled today in Spain, born in Lautaro in southern Chile in 1974, Carlos Maza, pianist, guitarist and composer studied piano in Cuba, which remains his home port. It is easy to draw a parallel with the Brazilian Egberto Gismonti who, as Maza speaks on guitar and piano when he does not compose for orchestra.

“It’s hard to imagine music that’s more traveling, nomadic, erratic and happy to be, than Carlos Maza’s».

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Biography: Chilean composer and poly-instrumentalist, Carlos Maza is undoubtedly the worthy heir of his two eldest predecessors, South American like him, who are Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti. His personal story is shaped by migration: very young, Carlos must flee the military junta of Pinochet with his parents for an exile in France followed a few years later of an installation in Cuba. He began studying piano at the Guanabaoca Conservatory and, as a teenager, performed in public, notably in 1990 and 1991 at the International Jazz Festival in Havana.
With fourteen albums to date, his compositions have been interpreted in different forms such as: Jazz Big Band, Jazz Trio, Quartet of Jazz, Chamber Orchestra, Cuban Sextet … He trains his audience in musical and rhythmic landscapes up to still unexplored.

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