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Scott DuBois – Autumn Wind 2017: Free download & video

DuBois takes the “seasons” concept to a whole new level with a series of pieces in celebration of the restless, unpredictable nature of autumn.

At each step of the way, DuBois’ quartet takes us on a mesmerizingly impressionistic musical journey that is an organic yet highly cohesive mix of elements drawn from the likes of modern jazz, contemporary classical music and Americana.

Free download

Scott DuBois / guitar & conductor
Gebhard Ullmann / tenor sax & bass clarinet
Thomas Morgan / bass
Kresten Osgood / drums

Eva León / violin I
Conway Kuo / violin II
William Frampton / viola
Sarah Rommel / cello

Erin Lesser / flute
BJ Karpen / oboe
Elisabeth Stimpert / clarinet
Michael Harley / bassoon

Scott DuBois Quartet recorded by Thomas Vang
and assistant engineer Johan Jørgensen
at The Village in Copenhagen, Denmark on February 4, 2017

String quartet & woodwind quartet recorded by Ryan Streber
and assistant engineer Michael Quick
at Oktaven Audio in Mt. Vernon, New York on April 30, 2017

  1. Mid-September Changing Light
  2. Late September Dusk Walk
  3. Early October Insect Songs
  4. Mid-October Migration
  5. Late October Changing Leaves
  6. Early November Bird Formations
  7. Autumn Wind
  8. Mid-November Moonlit Forest
  9. Late November Farm Fields
  10. Early December Blue Sky and Chimney Smoke
  11. Mid-December Night Sky
  12. Autumn Aurora Borealis
  13. Mid-November Moonlit Forest String Quartet Reprise

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