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20-year jazz festival in Tbilisi, Georgia … Videos

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November 5, in the concert hall, the 20th anniversary of the jazz festival, jazz trio concert performer Mirza Sharikade closed, special guest bassist Eddie Gomez is recognized all over the world. During the concert, a young Georgian musician accompanied Eddie Gomez along with famous hits.

On the same day, the legendary Stanley Clarke (STANLEY CLARKE) and his concerts in the band. It is worth noting that Stanley Clark is a regular member of the group for several years Georgian jazz-beka Beka Gochiashvili. Before the concert, an exhibition of paintings created by a young Georgian artist Irakli Chikovani, on a jazz theme, was called “Jazz experiment” in front of the concert hall.

In addition to concerts of world-famous mosques, the program of the 20th anniversary of the jazz festival provided for master classes of famous jazz performers for Georgian students. The festival began on November 2 and ended on November 5th.

In 1978, the first jazz festival was held in Tbilisi. Among the former Soviet countries, Georgia was one of the first countries where such a large-scale festival was founded, and since then Tbilisi remains an unsurpassed place for world-class jazz performers.

In 1986, the second festival took place in Tbilisi, the third – in 1989. Until 2000, the Tbilisi Jazz Festival was not held, but the company Etherer Pomomausen offered alternative musical evenings for jazz lovers – Ray Charles, James Brown, Manhattan Transfer and others. Since 2000, the International Festival of Tbilisi has been restored and continues to this day. The festival was the only stop in 2000 after 2008, which led to the August war.

Candidate for the Festival: Personal banking service of TBC Bank TBC STATUS; Supporters of the festival: Ministry of Culture and Protection of Monuments of Georgia, Tbilisi City Hall; Information support: Rustavi-2, Imedi, Artarea, Fortuna radio, Music Box, Georgia Today, OK magazine, Alma advertising company; Host: Restaurant Black Lion;

Information about the musicians:

Tower Of Power – the world-famous R & B- and soul performer “TOWER OF POWER”, 1968, in California, and have already created 5 decades to travel around the world and conduct concerts. The band had a lot of vocalists in their history, including Lenny Williams, during which the band achieved the greatest success and still has not lost popularity. Throughout his career, TOWER OF POWER was a series of songs to become the leader of the charts. “You’re still a young man,” “It’s very difficult to go,” “Soul with capital,” “Vaccination of souls,” “What is a hip?” And much more.

Joe Lovano – Famous American saxophonists, clarinetist and drummer Joe lovanom musical career began in the 1980s, when Berklee Music School after graduation, working with Woody Herman Orchestra continues. At various times he played in records in Mel-Louis and John Schofield. Since the 1990s, the beginning, the musician has created a quintet called “Us Five”, which was combined during the rising stars: Esperanza Spalding (bass), James Weidman (piano), Abbey Lincoln, Francisco Mela (percussion instrument) and Otis Brown (drums). From 1985 to the present, ten issues of the album have been released.

Papuna Sharikadze is a young Georgian jazz player, Papuna Sharikadze began to study classical music at the age of six. In 2010-2015, the musician was one of the best students of the Central Music School Zakaria Paliashvili – “The Decade of Talibs”. After the music school, Papuna Sharikadze continued her studies at Barkley College of Music in Boston. Today the young musician turned two years old to a bachelor’s degree. Despite his small age, Papana Sharikadze worked with such famous musicians as Terry Lynn Curlington, Joe Lovano, Ralph Peterson, Daniel Perez and others.

Eddie Gomez – Eddie Gomez to become the world over – this is the famous American magazine “Time”, the world-famous bassist Eddie Gomez. A legendary musician who received two Grammy Awards for more than four decades, has not lost his popularity due to his unique manuscript. Eddie’s music combines elements of jazz, blues, pop music and various genres. At various times Eddie Gomez worked with such legendary musicians as Miles Davis, John Collin, Bill Evans, Ron Carter, Herbie Hancock, Chicago Korea and others. The musician received the greatest popularity during his career in the Bill Evans trio. Since 1976, Eddie Gomez has released 15 solo albums.

STANLEY CLARKE – Jazzmann and bass player, Stanley Clark, owner of 4 Grammy Awards, is the legendary legend of the world. During his 40-year musical career, the musician received almost all musical awards. In 1975, the magazine “Rolling Stones” awarded him the title of the best jazz player and bass player. In addition to his music career, Stanley Clarke also tried his movie in the film industry, when at the end of 2000, several dozens of films, including an actor and a producer, took part. Currently, Stanley Clarke holds concerts in different corners of the world with his own band. It is important that the permanent member of the group of the legendary musician during the last few years was a young Georgian jazz beka Gochaishvili. It is also worth noting that Stanley Clarke along with his band was a guest of the Tbilisi Jazz Festival in 2014.