May 27, 2024

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Claude Marc Bourget gives us with the piano surprising improvisations: Video

23.11. – Happy Birthday !!! Claude Marc Bourget gives us with the piano surprising improvisations, with the frays influences of modern jazz and classical, often virtuosos and where resound as in memory the landscape of the music of the 20th century.

“An energetic music, extremely dense, as well as uncommon harmonic richness. Autodidact, Bourget displays impressive technical qualities and shows nexhaustible creative inspiration.” —Pierre Boulet, LE SOLEIL, Festival international de jazz de Montreal

Claude Marc Bourget was born in 1956 in Montreal. Autodidact, he became known in 1982 with his appearance at Musak Noise Sound Festival (Montreal’s Vehicule Art Gallery), where several experimental artists from Montreal and New York participated” with a concert for improv’ed solo piano and recorded piece, entitled Resonant Tension /prolongation.

Shortly after, came the creation and production of Erdro ErdrosedContemporary Improv & recording system for piano, acoustic guitar, percussions, 3 tape recorders and 3 technicians. A more complex and better structured version, Erdro Erdrosed II (for 6 tape recorders working live in a multiple re-injection system), will be created in 1983 at the Musee dart contemporain de Montreal.

1983 marks Claude Marc Bourget joining the Ensemble de Musique Improvisee de Montreal (E.M.I.M.). He presents a solo concert at the Montreal Jazz Festival. After a tour in France with the E.M.I.M. (Paris, Metz, Nancy), he suddenly puts a stop to concerts. Since 1985, he is devoted to literature. 2006 marks his return to composing and improvisation.

Its site presents to us, in addition to its CD, of the videos and especially what it calls its Current improvisations, where it gives us at each new week its recording. These improvisations must be taken for what they are: free recordings, without handling nor final improvement, with the defects and the imperfections that this supposes. Their purpose is to execute the musical act in its purest form, without a net. The musician is naked.

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