June 18, 2024


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Bill Cosby is back to doing stand-up for the first time since his s..ual assault trial last summer …

Bill Cosby is back to doing stand-up (or sit-down) for the first time since his sexual assault trial last summer … and his crowd and venue has certainly changed.

Cosby’s performed a live comedy set Monday at the LaRose Jazz Club in Philly alongside the Tony Williams Jazz Quartet. Most of Cosby’s material focused on the comedian’s struggle with blindness … he didn’t touch his pending trial.

The disgraced comedian’s retrial on sexual assault charges is set to begin in April, and a new jury selection begins at the end of March. He averted a decision this past June when a jury couldn’t agree on a verdict … ending in a mistrial.

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Looks like Cosby’s back to doing his thing — just on a smaller scale. He also played the drums.

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