July 19, 2024


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Gerard Amsellem – Recife 2018: Free download & Video

Talented musicians gathered for an exceptional Jazz album. This album was initiated by Gerard Amsellem and a gathering of friends and talented musicians.

The great jazz guitarist Sylvain Luc leaves his guitar to take the bass for an album. We also find legendary drums by André Ceccarelli, Robert Benzrihem’s keyboards and Eric Seva’s saxophone on some tracks. Gerard Amsellem’s music is inspired by the sounds and rhythms of the Berber peoples, Brazilian music and jazz. All his music has rocked the musical life of the artist and allowed him to create the bonds of friendship that we find in this album. This music smells of joy, sharing and friendship.

  1. Berbère Blues
  2. Mar hôtel
  3. BC Road
  4. Sindolfo
  5. La belle colombe
  6. Recife
  7. Shorashim
  8. Le long du riff
  9. Clin d’oeil
  10. Sur le volcan
  11. Nimrod (For Meïr)

Label: Just Looking

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