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Matthias Bublath – Live At Jazzclub Unterfahrt 2018: Free download & Video

Matthias Bublath’s Munich Summer Jazz Week in August 2016, a special affair of the heart.

Characterized by grooving and captivating pieces from the pen of Matthias Bublath, which are dominated by Soul and Funk are strong. The Bass is taken, such as in organ Bands usual, from the foot pedal of the Hammond B3.

Through the tasteful use of Fender Rhodes Piano and an analog Synthesizer, the music takes on a more unusual shade.

The Band shines with tremendous enthusiasm and a Freshness which gives the high-profile soloists a lot of space for Improvisation.
Due to the very different and wide horizon of the five musicians in the funky and warm Sound of the Hammond B3 organ is transferred to our present time.

1 Punk Funk 10:16
2 Ragga #2 9:28
3 Ella Latin 6:43
4 Sunset 9:57
5 Seegs 7:31
6 Unterfahrt Intro 7:32
7 Gold Stripe 11:13
8 Reprise 2:30

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