May 23, 2024

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Many Birds With Strings. The American songbook with an easy listening twist: Videos

I love Charlie Parker With Strings. The music is so pretty and soulful, by one of the first jazz artists to cross over to the American songbook with an easy listening twist.

I know many readers share my passion for these Parker recording sessions. Let’s listen to an example so those who aren’t familiar have a sense…


Yesterday, I went on YouTube and hunted around for tributes to the Parker with Strings oeuvre. To my surprise and pleasure, I was able to net quite a cache of Bird with mice. Let’s dig in:


The mighty Phil Woods with the Orchestre du Conservatoire National Regional de Toulouse from the Marciac Jazz Festival in 2005 playing I’ll Remember April


Phil Woods in Redondo Beach, Calif., in 2001, with Hank Jones on piano playing Everything Happens to Me

Ernesto Aurignac playing East of the Sun (and West of the Moon)

Danny Janklow playing Just Friends

Nick Biello and the Highline Chamber playing Just Friends

The Highline Chamber playing Neal Hefti’s Repetition

Aaron Johnson playing Repetition

Clark Gibson playing Just Friends

Henry Solomon on Just Friends...

And finally, Robert Anchipolovsky playing Just Friends

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