May 18, 2024

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Grammy-nominated vocalist Roseanna Vitro Demands the Truth: Video

After four decades, Jon Hendricks’ plea for Truth is still powerful. Jon Hendricks, the Godfather of Vocal Jazz, wrote “Tell Me the Truth” during America’s struggle with racial division, Vietnam, and Watergate. Yet his message couldn’t be more timely today.

Grammy-nominated artist Roseanna Vitro reimagines “Tell Me the Truth” as an antidote to fake news, racial divides, attacks on the free press, and the divide-and-conquer politics of our age. “We The People” demand the truth. We are in a sobering time in our country. Freedom of speech is our constitutional right and knowing the truth is on the hearts and minds of all Americans.”Tell Me The Truth” is the title track on Roseanna’s upcoming September 1st release on Skyline Records.

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