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Jazz poets: Charles Aznavour plays “J’abdiquerai” from his album “Colore ma vie” made in Cuba with Chucho Valdès: Lyrics, Video

Charles Aznavour plays “J’abdiquerai” from his album “Colore ma vie” made in Cuba with Chucho Valdès and Jean Claudric in Paris.

Text and music by Charles Aznavour.

“I’ll abdicate one day because it’s irreversible
I will fall from the top already being the target
From this lady in black who walks a fake
Not being king’s son I do not have on the Earth
Received as appropriate the hereditary charge
What bequeathed the highnesses to their sad brats

It was with the sound of the gun that they entered the history
Me it is by my songs that I begged the glory
On glorious scenes or simple trestles
Appropriating me happy many territories
With my broken voice facing my audience
Paralyzed with jitters and armed with a microphone

Of course it was very long but being optimistic
I was sure that one day I would become the artist
Recognized by his peers and filled with bravos
The worst and the best I made my case
And if I still have a nice show to do
A beautiful burial would flatter my ego

I will abdicate one day as did the monarchs
Who left traces and printed their marks
At the price of blood shed by poor heroes
Faced with this enemy who will turn my page
What is called old age and what I call age
I will close my eyes on my last curtain

I will accept my fate because I do not see myself
Against the lady in black declare a war
That this filthy bitch never lost
Because it is common lot that one is poor or rich
Time takes off one day the last posters
Brightening the columns and walls of our streets

Farewell to his audience is goodbye to weapons
Last appearance that causes tears
At the time we go stabbed with regrets
With dry throat and wet eyes
A loving look on an empty room
It is alone and torn that one day I will abdicate

But before I leave at least I do not like
That I will have to give a few more shows
To proclaim loudly that I’m leaving without a return
When heart and broken voice overwhelmed with suffering
The sad eye I will offer the ultimate performance
From my life cluttered with tenderness and love

Three or four years of saying goodbye
What I have to give as the ultimate evening
Before receiving last distinction
This great Caesar of honor which will fill me with ease
What is already a visa for Père-Lachaise
What will the whole profession offer me
In a warm and ultimate ovation. “Картинки по запросу J'abdiquerai

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