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CD review: John Zorn – In a Convex Mirror 2018: Video

“In a Convex Mirror” features Zorn’s unique saxophone playing and keyboard stylings in an extended foray into the nexus of voudun and downtown improvisation.

An intense student of Haitian drumming and a regular at ceremonies from NYC to Port-au-Prince Haiti, Ches Smith weaves a hypnotic tapestry of polyrhythms that are constantly in flux. The result is an exciting new context for Zorn the performer. With special guest Ikue Mori creating moody electronic soundscapes, the music is as hypnotic as it is exhilarating. Three pieces of sonic voodoo for the 21st century!


  1. Veve
  2. Through a Glass Darkly
  3. Le Tourbillo

Ikue Mori: Electronics
Ches Smith: Haitian Tanbou, Bell, Cymbals
John Zorn: Alto Saxophone, Fender Rhodes Piano

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