May 22, 2024

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Valery Ponomarev’s new book: On The Flip Side of Sound: Video

Comments on the book: “Valery Ponomarev’s story is electrifying and inspiring. Most of all, it’s living proof that dedication to truth and beauty can and must triumph over artificially imposed impediments.

“Bob Bernotas (Jazz journalist, author, and radio host) Finally, the world gets to read Valery Ponomarev’s story! The main points are that in addition to being a fine trumpet player, Valery is a skilled storyteller and that his story never fails to enchant, inform and inspire my students and that now the world will get to hear it.Nina d’Alessandro (Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science, New York University).

About the Author

I thought I knew this man – a great friend and colleague with whom I’ve often toured over the past 15 or so years – pretty well, but after reading this memoire, my eyes were really opened! Fascinating! Valery Ponomarev’s skill with storytelling nearly matches his prowess with the trumpet, and the content of his remarkable stories – and of course his outstanding playing – is rich, intelligent, humorous, and naturally, always swinging. Enjoy this book, then go listen to his music!” – Don BradenJazz

Musician/Composer/EducatorMusic Director, Wachovia Jazz For Teens, the Litchfield Jazz CampVisiting Professor, Prins Claus Conservatoire It’s a fascinating, and unique story. I have had the privilege of producing seven of Valery’s recordings since 1985. Not only is he a great trumpet player and composer, but also an inspirational bandleader who gets the very best out of anyone who plays with him. Just listen to Joe Henderson on his Profile CD, and you will see what I mean.

Dr. Mark Feldman (Reservoir Music.)

On The Flip Side Of Sound

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