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The memoirs, letters and diaries of Marilyn Monroe and F. Sinatra’s valet: Video

Even now, the reason for the death of the great Marilyn Monroe is not known for certain; we offer your attention only one of the versions. This performance-concert, based on the memoirs, letters and diaries of Marilyn Monroe and F. Sinatra’s valet, George Jacobs, will be presented at the San Diego club on November 9.

Events take place a week before Marilyn’s death.
The basis of the performance was the songs of Frank Sinatra. You have the opportunity to relax, listen to live music and find out what you might not know about the relationship of the great Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra.

In it you will learn the unknown facts from the life of the great Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe, hear the hits of the stars in a live performance. You will have a wonderful trip to the USA in 1962, when people went crazy about jazz, gathered in institutions to listen to their favorite performers, drink whiskey with ice, dissolve in the magical songs of Frank Sinatra and see the living legend of Marilyn Monroe.

Dmitry Noskov (Frank Sinatra) – a well-known film composer, author of music for several dozen of the most prominent domestic films (Salute – 7, Attraction, Love – Carrot 1,2,3), presented the concert program “I will sing to you like Frank” together with a large jazz orchestra by Alexei Kruglov in October 2017. Especially for the concert, 17 authentic scores were bought, another 4 were created by the legendary domestic jazzman Yuri Markin, who personally attended the event and highly appreciated the quality of the material’s performance by the musicians and, of course, vocalist Dmitry Noskov. So close to the original, and externally, and at the hearing, the repertoire of Sinatra has not yet been performed by anyone, except for Frank himself, of course. Participant of the JAZZMAN 2018 festivals (St. Petersburg), VR JAZZ FEST (Moscow), etc.
A graduate of the school Stand Up ЦИМермана. Dmitry Noskov and Round Bend, successfully performs in clubs and concert venues in Moscow (Andrei Makarevich’s Jam Club, Alexey Kozlov’s Club, etc.), St. Petersburg (48 chairs, White Night Music Joint Club, etc.)

Yanina Melekhova (Marilyn Monroe) – theater and film actress, choreographer, teacher, honorary citizen of Russia, a member of the Screen Actors Guild and the Union of Producers of the Russian Federation. In the record of Janina more than a dozen roles in the theater and cinema. She is recognizable for such films as “Dandies”, “War”, “Territory”, “Diamond Hunters”, and others. The actor’s gift for Janina was marked during her studies at the Belarusian Academy of Arts, where she received a special award from the President of the Republic of Belarus support of talented youth. And fully justifies it. Today, Ioannina plays in the Moscow theater “Impromptu”, successfully starred in films, works as a choreographer and stage director and shares her experience and skills with her students.

Картинки по запросу Дмитрий Носков и Янина Мелехова. «Трагедия маленькой девочки"

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