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CD review: Watten – Jazz In Der Pupille 2019: Video

Jazz in the Pupil – this title was already the title of the concert series by the quartet Watten from Berlin, Leipzig and Hanover, which performed weekly for three years in the Hanoverian pub Pupille.

This was followed by an artistic break, each of the musicians focused on new projects in different cities. 2019 will finally be followed by reunification:

No rehearsal, first take is the motto under which, after three years of musical abstinence, Watten goes to the studio without a rehearsal to record the very first moment of renewed interaction. What a valuable decision! The joy of playing, the wealth of musical ideas, the intensity of every musical gesture and a very special intimacy in the interplay of the band form the debut album of the band into a very captivating overall musical experience. On Jazz In the Pupil free improvisations alternate with four handpicked compositions from the “old times in the pupil”, which are mainly written by the brilliant Berliner saxophonist. Brilliant is also the sound quality of this album, which missed Marc Muellbauer (Julia Hülsmann Trio, Lisbeth Quartet) in the mix of music. From the coming together of all these musical exceptional talents arise in every respect listening recordings!

  1. Drei Kleine Stücke
  2. Geste III
  3. Geste V
  4. Geste VI
  5. Für Ornette
  6. Hoppus
  7. Geste I
  8. Geste IV
  9. Geste II
  10. Geste VII
  11. Party Hit I

Paul Engelmann: alto saxophone
Michael Hoppe: wings
Clara Däubler: double bass
Andreas Schulz: Drums

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