May 18, 2024

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German woman inspires Cuban pianists: Photo, Video

A sky full of violins and his voice: “Anna. I see your face everywhere I am … “At the very beginning Jorge Luis Pacheco composed a love song for his Anna. In the beat of his excited bouncing heart.

Meanwhile, the musician and the singing student have been a couple for six years and have settled instead on cloud seven in Oldenburg. Their relationship continues to sound like music in the ears. The 28-year-old and the 34-year-old are regularly on stage together.

In the quartet, the Oldenburg ensemble plays Afro-Cuban jazz, traditional music from Jorge’s homeland, Latin music, pieces from their own pen and arrangements, such as Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. Her next appearance is this Saturday at the Wilhelm 13. Solo is Jorge traveling throughout the Republic. In New York, Washington or New Orleans, he performs regularly with his American band and at least three times a year, the 34-year-old moves to Havana. To his roots, family, friends and fellow musicians. “I’ll refuel,” he says.

However, he did not like it hard to leave home. In Germany, Anna finally waited. He got to know the Oldenburg woman at an international music project of the university. “It was love at first sight,” says Anna, who is currently doing her legal traineeship as a music teacher in Wilhelmshaven. For three years, the two held a long-distance relationship, until Jorge then moved to Oldenburg – and gave up a lot. “In Cuba, musicians are high society. They earn more than doctors, “says the pianist. The money and the freedom of travel were not, which attracted him to the stage.

The son of an opera singer and a choirmaster began playing the piano at the age of six. At the age of 15, he had his first appearances in jazz clubs. When he turned 16, he trained as a pianist and percussionist, followed by composition studies. He began his career in the USA, where he received the New York Best Solo and Performance Award in 2017. Although making music in Germany is a rather artless art, the 34-year-old feels in Oldenburg arrived. “I like the peace. Havana is always hectic and noisy, “he says. What surprised him was the love for the smartphone. “When Anna gets on a bus, nobody looks up. Everyone is staring at the phone instead of at this beautiful woman. It’s different in Cuba. “He looks at his sweetheart.

To stand together on stage was not a relationship killer for them. “I’m professional. If Anna makes mistakes, I’m not mad at my wife, but my singer, “he says. Incidentally, he saw her for the first time on a video that his mother filmed during a lecturer trip to Oldenburg. There, the choirmaster taught Anna, among others. “I already thought she was beautiful,” says Jorge. As life so plays, the musicians then really met each other a short time later. Here in Germany, where people are so focused on their work and mobile phones, Jorge has made a name for herself. Also because he has remained so Cuban. “No one is interested in the money here. Because nobody has any anyway. Music comes first, “he says. For him, at the end of the day, count for what he does.

A few months ago, Jorge recorded a new album in Havana. He has invited a string quartet and set his song for Anna again. He came back to Germany with it. A sky full of violins only exists in Oldenburg.

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